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Al Furat Paper Trading is a paper merchant company founded in Damascus, Syria  in the year 2000. Since 2014 the company has expended its operations with offices in Istanbul and Sharjah enabling us to provide better services to all our clients.

Al Furat is well-known in the Arab world for trading tissue paper and other paper grades in the region. The main line of work as a trading agent is the provision of liaison and marketing services by supplying all raw material, machinery, equipment with their accessories, and consumable items for paper mills, tissue converters and hygienic manufacturers around the Middle East.


The company closely follows the development of the paper industry in order to satisfy the needs of the market in the region. With a wealth of experience in the paper industry, the founders have forged strong connection with clients throughout the Middle East. The company specializes in selling paper raw materials, machinery, equipment with their accessories and consumable items for both paper mills, and paper converters and other needs to tissue converters, and hygienic manufacturers in the Middle East.

Al Furat Paper Trading has the honour of exclusively representing a great number of companies from Europe to the Far East.

Some of the companies that Al Furat Paper Trading had represented exclusively are:

Cellwood Machinery –  AB/Sweden,
O.M.C. Collareda s.r.l. – Italy,

Kapp-Chemie (Chemicals, softeners) -GmbH/Germany,

Villforth Siebtechnik (Wire Fabrics) – GmbH/Germany,

Ippolito & Pisani (Felt manufacturer) – Italy,

Ipek Kagit, Tissue Paper Co. – Turkey,

Sopal (Siliconized Paper) – France,
Mc Airlaid – Germany,
Al Gaz ( Microfilter for watertreatment)GmbH-Germany.


The strong relationship between Furat Paper Trading Company and its clients and suppliers has given us the confidence and the motivation to organize Paper One Show, which has been running Semposium and Exhibition, since 2007 in the Middle East.


The events of Paper One Show to date are:

Paper One Show Exhibition 2007

Location: Damascus, Syria

Paper One Show Exhibition 2008

Location: Damascus, Syria

Paper One Show Symposium ISPM 2009

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Paper One Show Symposium ISPC 2009

Location: Port Ghalib, Egypt

Paper One Show Symposium ISPM 2010
Location: Izmir, Turkey

Paper One Show Exhibition 2010
Location: Damascus, Syria

Paper One Show Symposium ISPC 2012
Location: Limassol, Cyprus

To be held:

Paper One Show Exhibition 2017

Location: Sharjah, UAE

Paper One Show Symposium ISPM 2017
Location:Beirut, Lebanon